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Frequently Asked Questions

If I have not covered something, please contact me.

When contacting me, please tell me which website you found me, the new  escortstoo.com (www.escorts.com --- obsolete now), www.date-check.com, www.preferred411.com, www.cityvibe.com, http://www.outcall.net/listings/mature/kansas.shtml) to name a few.

Webcam & Chat: 
I do offer webcam.  Please contact me for Individual 1 on 1 webcam, and phone chat. 
Please sign up via my link http://hotlotto.cammodels.com/ be sure to use this link only to sign up. 
Contact me for more information.

Respect is of utmost importance, please remember this and we will have a great visit.
Do not contact me and speak to me rudely, vulgar, profanity, disrespectful, or in any manner unacceptable.  I will end the conversation or appointment. I have the right to refuse service to anyone, at any time, no questions asked, no refunds.
My Calendar/Schedule, can be viewed via:  my website here  http://misshotlotto.com/Calendar.php , www.date-check.com  http://www.date-check.com/memberarea/Mshow-pro-profile-org.asp?ProID=HL4104F 

If you are unsure about my schedule, please call me.  Calling me is the fastest way to reach me  316.708.9194.  If I do not answer, please leave a message; text message me, or email me hot.lotto@yahoo.com or click on Contact Me here on my website & a message will be sent directly to me.  I will respond asap.
Quota Must Be Met To Visit Any City: 
This means, I must have three (3) confirmed appointments, for me to visit any city.  If quota is not met, I will remove the city from my schedule.
If you are running late (even if just 5 minutes), cannot make your appointment, whatever the case me be, please DO contact me in advance.  Even if you don't think it is important to you, it is to me.  I schedule based upon time.  If you are late, it can cause me huge problems.  Respect my time.
This is a one (1) time shot.  If you cannot make your scheduled time, you must contact me in advance.  I do not tolerate any person that does not contact me.  This means if you are running late, have anything come up --- transportation, work, family, death, accident, the animal ran away --- I don't care what it is, you will NEVER, ever, have the chance to schedule again, period!  No questions asked!  Please be certain you understand this before you schedule.
A Review is not required, however, when visiting a new city, many potential clients like to know what city many providers have visited, before they schedule, as well as, did we have any clients for the city they are inquiring for.  We know many clients do not submit reviews for various reasons...please remember, it is helpful to us.  If you need assistance to submit a review, please contact me. 
Please be clean, showered/bathed, shaved, when you arrive.  If you must use my shower before we begin, please ask.  I am very straight forward and up front.  If I smell something out of the ordinary, please don't be offended.  I am very sensitive to smells due to allergies.  I have the right to refuse service to anyone at any time, no questions asked, no refunds.
I do not smoke.  Please be respectful, I have allergies.  This does make a difference when kissing.  Please don't smell like you just smoked before visiting with me.  I have the right to refuse service to anyone at any time, no questions asked, no refunds.
I discreetly screen everyone I meet.  Please provide your full name, home phone number, cell phone number, and basic information
This means you have visited with an industry provider.  (False information will get you no where with me; don't tell me you've never visited with a provider, show up for your visit, and then tell me "Oh yeah, I did visit with xxxxxxx" ... you will not be visiting with me again.  My golden rule is tell the truth.)
If you have no references, please follow instructions below for "No References". 
Your reference is MY SAFETY!   I DO confirm references.  I do not play games.
Please send email to hot.lotto@yahoo.com
Your Name
Phone # (Home and Cell Phone Number)
Handle/ID for any website you submit reviews, or, are a member of
Details Must Include:
Name of Provider
Contact information for Provider - Must include phone#, email address, website address, city that provider is from, website provider can be found on, as well as, any other information you deem necessary.
Date Visited Provider
City & State that you visited Provider
Please provide info in which the provider can confirm whom you are  ---  gave her 2 dozen roses, carried her through the pouring rain, met her at the White House, paid for lodging at X  ---if you are legit, you know what this means.
*No References:*
You MUST provide the following:
Your Complete Name (James J. James)
Date of Birth (00/00/00)
Street Address (Your complete Street Address)
City (City you live in)
State (State you Live in)
Zip Code (Your Zip Code)
Home Phone # (Your Home Phone #)
Cell Phone # (Your Cell Phone #)

Employer Name (ABC Company)
Employer Complete Address (100 Main Street)
Employer City, State, Zip Code (City, State, Zip Code)
Employer Phone # (800-555-1234)

I discreetly screen everyone I meet.  You must pass my Reference Check or you will not be seen.

Outcall - please have visible with your ID.
Incall - please place in an envelope, present your ID.
Do not discuss donation, this has already been handled before meeting, if you discuss donation, meeting will terminate with no refund, no questions asked.  I have the right to refuse service to anyone at any time, no questions, no refund.
Monday through Friday 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.  CST.  Appointments after 8 pm MUST be scheduled in advance.  Weekends are by appointment only, unless on Tour.

If you are an existing client, please contact me as you normally do.
Wichita, Kansas

(Out Call Add $25)

$100/20 Minutes (*Must be Existing Client OR Have Verified References!*)
$180/Half Hour
$350/90 Minutes (1-1/2 Hours)
$460/Two (2) Hours
$1,200/Overnight (8 Hours)
$2,500/Weekend (16 Hours)
+$100/Lunch, Dinner, Movie
+$100/Pix /video

(Travel fee outside of Wichita)

Tour Rate:
(Outside of Wichita, Kansas)

(Out Call Add $25)

$125/20 Minutes (*Must be Existing Client OR Have Verified References!*)
$200/Half Hour
$380/90 Minutes (1-1/2 Hours)
$520/2 Hours
$1,600/Overnight (8 Hours)
$3,000/Weekend (16 Hours)
+$100/Lunch, Dinner, Movie
+$100/Pix / video

Payment is strictly Cash or Green Dot MoneyPak  https://www.moneypak.com/ . 
Deposit can be made via Green Dot MoneyPak (Please visit the Green Dot website for more information at www.greendot.com )
Deposit required, if not local, for overnight/weekend, deposit must include Round Trip Travel (Airfare, Amtrak, Vehicle Fuel) all expenses, as well as rate for time requested.