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Scroll Down for Tour  Rates (Outside Wichita)

Webcam - click link to sign up Or contact me for details to pre-pay via Green Dot for your personal 1 on 1 private phone/video session

Wichita, Kansas

Pre-Pay Phone Chat
$20/15 Minutes 
Pre-Pay via Green Dot  https://www.moneypak.com/
Must Be Over 18 Years of Age for Phone / Video

Pre-Pay Video Chat
$60/15 Minutes 
Pre-Pay via Green Dot  https://www.moneypak.com/
Must Be Over 18 Years of Age for Phone / Video

Wichita, Kansas
(Out Call Add $25)

$100/20 Minutes
*Must be Existing Client*

$180/Half Hour


$350/90 Minutes (1-1/2 Hours)

$460/2 Hours

$1,200/Overnight  (8 Hours)

$2,500/Weekend  (16 Hours)

+$100/Lunch, Dinner, Movie (with time above)

+$100/Pix / video (available with any of the above)

$150/Dinner - Up to Two (2) Hours

Tour Rate:

(Out Call Add $25)

$125/20 Minutes
*Must be Existing Client*

$200/Half Hour (30 Minutes)


$380/90 Minutes (1-1/2 Hours)

$520/2 Hours

$1,600/Overnight (8 Hours)

$3,000/Weekend (16 Hours)

+$100/Pix / video (available with all of the above)

Contact me for complete details for included activities (http://misshotlotto.com/About-Hot-Lotto.php).
Deposit can be made via Green Dot MoneyPak (Please visit the Green Dot website for more information at http://www.greendot.com)

Deposit required, if not local, for
overnight/weekend; deposit must include Round Trip Airfare / Travel, All Expenses, as well as Time requested to visit.  Please send email with questions and/or clarification.

Payment = Strictly Cash or Green Dot MoneyPak  https://www.moneypak.com/ 

(Green Dot funds are verified in advance - purchase a Green Dot MoneyPak at Walgreens, Walmart, CVS, Rite Aid, etc - or visit  https://www.moneypak.com/ for a location nearest you.

Scratch off numbers on back of MoneyPak, take a photo of back of card with numbers showing, send to me via email / text, include the numbers typed with the email / text that you send to me as well. 

Funds are verified before any appointment begins.

Donation Instructions:

Outcall - please have fanned out with your ID.
Incall - please place in an envelope, present your ID.
Do not discuss donation, this has already been handled before meeting.  If you discuss donation, meeting will terminate with no refund, period.
Discount For Date-Check & Preferred411 Members:
Date-Check & Preferred411 Members receive $25 Discount (initial visit as well as recurring visits.  Valid only for visits over 60 Minutes - must mention each time.)

I do confirm membership ID.  Membership MUST be current to receive discount.

Must provide Membership ID via email, for verification, to be valid.  Please email:  hot.lotto@yahoo.com Membership information, before appointment, without Membership verification, no discount will be received.

MUST mention Date-Check or Preferred411 member info (and must be verified) when you schedule for discount to be valid.

Proper ID Required - Must Be Over 21 Years of Age
Must Be Over 18 Years of Age for Phone / Video

I have the right to refuse service to anyone, at any time, no questions asked, no refunds


                                     Hot Lotto